The Dark Side of Life in Gaza

From The Dark Side of Life in Gaza:

On Sept. 7, Gen. Mousa Arafat was attacked at his home in Gaza City by about 80 masked gunmen in “a first-class, planned operation,” a man familiar with the darker side of life in Gaza said.

An operation on this scale, and without any proper response by government forces, looks very much as if it was a government-backed or a government-sanctioned assassination.

“I guess there is an investigation,” a senior official in Abbas’s office replied to a question about the incident, then added: “I am not excusing this but he was really a thug. He was a very corrupt man with many enemies.”

Mousa Arafat’s reputation for torture, blackmail, arms and alcohol smuggling was legendary.

But how can the PA hope to gain Israel’s trust, attract foreign investment, and become a state if it appears to condone the law of the jungle.

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