A Curtsy and a Bow to My Blog Buddies

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I thought that it is important to take the time to write and acknowledge some very special Blog people, who have not only supported me and my site , but who have made my own blog-reading time so very special because each of them write so well and offer terrific insight into so many important subjects, such as friendship, G-d, religion, life, love, and each of them do it with wit, art, compassion, intelligence, and laughter.

So here is my Hats Off To You list:

I first started reading comments by Celestial on Harry’s site, BlogSpeak. Celestial would post hilarious one-liner responses to Harry’s own funny posts. So I clicked on Celestial’s site I Dream, Therefore I Am and I’ve been hooked ever since. She is smart, funny, giving, sensitive, kind, passionate, and an excellent writer and I am proud to link to I Dream, Therefore I Am.

One day very soon after I met Celestial, I discovered Havdala and her beautiful site, Doves and Pomegranates, one of the most passionate sites I have ever come across. Havdala writes with such love and commitment for God and the love of a man and a woman and does it with magnificent graphics and art and with references to literature and classics. Havdala always has something to teach you; her site is an opportunity to learn something new. I am proud to link to Doves and Pomegranates.

And then of course, there’s Harry, creator, owner, king, and master of BlogSpeak, the easiest and best blog commenting tool that is out there. He’s a good man, that Harry. A good person.

I want to also mention Solomonia and Yaeli for linking me – thank you very much guys, that’s a great compliment – I have linked the both of you as well. And of course my gratitude to Charles, at Little Green Footballs, who has inspired me to create Smooth Stone.

The world is a better place because of each of you. Thank you.

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