Cultural ‘elites’ bash Easter

Cultural elites have launched a blizzard of attacks on religion during one of Judaism’s and Christianity’s holiest time of the year. Would they have done the same during Ramadan?An excerpt from Culture and Media Institute:

Beginning on February 26, the news media and arts community have fired a stunning barrage of criticism at religious beliefs, religious practice, and religious symbols. Nothing is too sacred to attack this year, not even the most crucial teachings of Judaism and Christianity.

A History Channel program scheduled for Easter Sunday will question whether the Bible is
God’s complete revelation to mankind. The current – Holy Week – issue of Newsweek teases readers with the headline “Is God Real?,” and features a debate between a prominent evangelical pastor and an outspoken atheist. An April 3 New York Times article dismisses the story of Moses parting the Red Sea as a “myth.”
Newsweek’s March 19 cover story, “The Evolution Revolution,” showcases the latest evolutionary theories attempting to explain the development of humanity without God. The news media have promoted not one but two different Gospel of Judas books in the past few weeks, along with a purported secret gospel written by Mark. The arts world has mocked Jesus with a life-sized, nude, anatomically correct sculpture made of chocolate, and a papier mache sculpture portraying Him as Illinois senator Barack Obama. On March 4, the Discovery Channel took the prize, by broadcasting a documentary claiming to have disproved the foundational belief of Christianity: that Jesus rose from the dead.

These are holidays of deep religious significance but the media is becoming more bitter in their attempt to become more powerful. The rest of us, like the lemmings that we are, have followed the medias trends of political correctness and relativism because now the seeds of self-doubt have been planted and we do doubt everything. We doubt our own President, our right to defend ourselves, the Israeli’s right to defend themselves, and even our God. What a detestable accomplishment the media has made, to tell us, to insinuate that there is no G0d. If there is no God, then elites can carry on their adulterous affairs, and steal from their clients. It’s a great ruse. America’s attitude of ‘we’re right and you’re wrong’, and defence of national sovereignty against Muslim terrorists, communism, and nazism, are embarrassing reminders of the kind of conviction that elites no longer feel able to express. To deny God is one way to avoid feeling powerless.I mourn for the once-great United States of America.