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As many Kerry Crushers know, the Culture of Death will descend on Washington, DC this weekend for an event dubbed the “March for Women’s Lives.” This crass title assumes none of the three million fetuses aborted this year will be female, of course.

John Kerry will be there, no doubt, although he once was less a slave to the pro-abortion movement.

Also in attendance will be the many liberal, airheaded libertines from Hollywood who routinely push their moral relativism on the rest of us out here in middle America. This year, we figured we’d out this liberals.

Shame on them for using their celebrity status to promote the snuffing of life from the innocent unborn.

Sadly, you’ll recognize many of the names:

List of Pro-Abortion celebrities who will attend “pro-choice” March along with John Kerry:

Margie Adam

Christina Aguilera

Jennifer Aniston

Curtis Armstrong

Elaine Aronson

Bea Arthur

Ed Asner

Kevin Bacon

Alec Baldwin

William Baldwin

Meredith Baxter

Shari Belafonte

Maria Bello

Polly Bergen

Thora Birch

Amy Brenneman

Betty Buckley

Jessica Capshaw

Lynda Carter

Stockard Channing

Jill Clayburgh

Kate Clinton

Glenn Close

Cindy Crawford

Sheryl Crow

Alan Cumming

Tyne Daly

Blythe Danner

Kristin Davis

Ossie Davis

Dana Delany

Laura Dern

Ellen DeGeneres

Ani DiFranco

Illeana Douglas

Denise Dowse

Fran Drescher

Kirsten Dunst

David Eigenberg

Hector Elizondo


Eve Ensler

Giancarlo Esposito

Melissa Etheridge

Morgan Fairchild

Edie Falco

Frances Fisher

Calista Flockhart

Jane Fonda

Bonnie Franklin

Janeane Garofalo

Ana Gasteyer

Indigo Girls

Annabeth Gish

Whoopi Goldberg

Lauren Graham

Maggie Gyllenhaal

LisaGay Hamilton

Ben Harper

Ed Harris

Salma Hayek

Marg Helgenberger

Isabella Hofmann

Helen Hunt

Amy Jo Johnson

Kathryn Joosten

Ashley Judd

Catherine Keener

Carole King

Swoosie Kurt

Christine Lahti

Sanaa Lathan

Sharon Lawrence

Lisa Loeb

Amy Madigan

Natalie Maines

Wendie Malick

Joshua Malina

Camryn Manheim

Frances McDormand

Ewan McGregor

Marilyn McIntyre

Sarah McLachlan


Demi Moore

Julianne Moore

Alanis Morissette

Kathy Najimy

Alyson Palmer

Joe Pantoliano

Mary-Louise Parker

Adrian Pasdar


Martha Plimpton

Doris Roberts

Paul Rudd

Susan Sarandon

Campbell Scott

Kyra Sedgwick

Martin Sheen

Cybill Shepherd


Fisher Stevens

Gloria Steinem

Julia Stiles

Corky and Mike Stoller

Sharon Stone

Amber Tamblyn

Mary Testa

Charlize Theron

Uma Thurman

Heather Tom

Stanley Tucci

Kathleen Turner

Ted Turner

Sarah Weddington

Audrey Wells

Bradley Whitford

Alfre Woodard

Thom Yorke

Amy Ziff

Elizabeth Ziff

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