The courage of Ethiopia

Ethiopian and Somali troops have captured a key border town early Monday, a day after Ethiopia sent fighter jets into neighboring Somalia and bombed several towns in a dramatic attack on a powerful Islamic movement. Ethiopia’s prime minister announced Sunday night that his country was “forced to enter a war” with Somalia’s Council of Islamic Courts after the Muslim group declared holy war on Ethiopia, a largely Christian nation.

Residents said Islamic fighters left the town of Belet Weyne on the Somali-Ethiopian border overnight after Ethiopian fighter jets bombed Islamic positions on Sunday.

Col. Abdi Yusuf Ahmed, a Somali government army commander, told The Associated Press that his forces entered Belet Weyne early Monday without a shot fired. He held up his telephone and a reporter could hear street celebrations.

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May the United States and Israel find the courage to defend their own citizens against Islamic barbarity in the same way that Ethiopia has demonstrated her courage against her enemies.

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