Counter protest the palestinian charlatans in NYC on Friday, June 30 @ 4:30pm

Via Atlas Shrugs.

The Palis are staging a rally at the Israeli Embassy in New York on Friday, June 30 @ 4:30 pm to protest the Israeli response to the kidnappings and murder of Jews. If you can go to counter protest, go!

Join Al-Awda, A.N.S.W.E.R, and many more as we protest the ongoing assaults against the Palestinian People.
Friday, June 30 @ 4:30pmThe Israeli Mission, 800 2nd Avenue between 42nd and 43rd sts.
Since Wednesday Morning-Sonic bombs have rocked Gaza-Water and electricity has been knocked out-dozens of Palestinians have been arrested
We Will NOT be silenced!!

Boo-hoo. Da poor pawestinian peepull are sniffwing because dey elected Ham Ass and now dey got what dey wished for.

Folks, please show up to counter protest these thugs, if for anything, you will get to see palestinian charlatans perform for the cameras. And Leslie Cagan, if she shows up, is always good for a laugh.

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