Conservatism’s darkest hour

Ronald Reagan is dead. William F. Buckley, Jr. has divested his interest in the flagship bulletin of the conservative movement, National Review. Rush Limbaugh, who provided color commentary throughout the right’s ascendancy, has suffered legal harassment, drug addiction and a public divorce all in the same year.

Meanwhile, the Democrat nominee for president has just shattered the fundraising record. The top movie at the box office is an obese ignoramus’s paranoid fantasy presented as hard evidence. The nation’s number one book is the autobiography of a liberal ex-president who every day seems Hell-bent on telling more lies than the previous.

The media’s bias, public opinion and even the campaign finance laws appear to favor an energized and ascendant radicalism bent on overturning all the good for which this great nation stands. Liberal columnists even predict a Democrat wipeout in November.

This is conservatism’s darkest hour.

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