Comments? Where are my comments?!

Well, folks, the new tech news is that this site has converted to the new Blogger, which is also referred to as Blogger Beta, even though Blogger has just announced that it is out of beta, but the name, Blogger Beta, has stuck throughout the blogosphere, so as to not confuse anyone with the old Blogger, which frankly was great, except that it didn’t support Categories or Labels and, being the detail-oriented and resource/research tendencies that I have, I couldn’t wait to convert to the new Blogger or Blogger Beta, so when I got the notice that my blog was ready to be converted to the new Blogger Beta, I jumped at the opportunity to convert. Aside from this being one of the only posts that I have ever written with the longest run-on sentence EVER, I am remiss to tell you that Blogger Beta no longer supports the terrific and stable comment tool that I have been using for three years – Harry Wynn’s BlogSpeak – and Blogger Beta doesn’t support Haloscan’s new Blogger Beta installation either, which I thought I was going to convert to.

Blogger Beta’s comments tool ? Well, it sucks and the reason for that is you are not notified of a commenter’s IP address. And in the IT world, the IP address is V E R Y significant. Want to know why? Send me an email and I’ll tell you. Anyway, in the meantime, until I find a working commenting tool that works with Blogger Beta, I will have to use – BLECH, UGH, EGAD, EEEEK, Blogger Beta’s own proprietary comment system, which, I need to remind you – sucks. So, if change is difficult for you, my friends, as it is for me, please bear with me, as I try to get a better commenting tool in the near future. If anyone knows of a good commenting tool – other than Blogger Beta’s, please let me know.

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