The Coming Clash Over Kirkuk

Folks, the Kurds want to break away from Iraq and have their own nation. Israel and the Kurds have a lot in common. Israel is still not recognized as a legitimate nation by the pan-Arabic world and the Kurds want to have their own legitimate nation amidst the pan-Arabic world.

Israel and the Kurds are brothers in their fight against Arab racism and Arab hatred and both peoples are sick of it. See

But Iraq, the UN and the rest of the global community won’t let the Kurds separate.

I ask you folks: why are the Arabs the only ones entitled to self-determination? Why can’t Jews have their own state? Why can’t the Kurds have their own state?

As for Kirkuk, it’s situated next to 40% of Iraq’s proven petroleum reserves. It’s population in 1957 was 40% Turkmen and 35% Kurdish; the rest were Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians and others. In the late 1980s Saddam Hussein pushed many Kurds out of the city and replaced them with Arabs. Turkish nationalists still regard Kirkuk as historically part of Turkey, and Ankara asserts guardianship over the Turkmen ethnic minority in northern Iraq. The Turkish military makes no effort to hide its plans to send troops to thwart the Kurds’ claim to Kirkuk.

The Coming Clash Over Kirkuk

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