Come to Palestine

We are not ignorant about our Jewish history. The Arab Palestinians in 1948 are not the original citizens in the land, not by a long shot. In 1948 and in decades prior, just as Arabs were immigrating, so too were Jews.

However, the Jews are indigenous to the land and were the first to build a true civilization in the region that could be measured by any historical or archaeological standard, which is why the Waqf is so adamant in destroying the Temple Mount and the Jewish artifacts that are being found amidst the Waqf’s bulldozing.

The Jews are the people with the oldest continuous presence there, in spite of their period of expulsion from their home by Nebuchadnezzar which resulted in the Babylonian exile, and the expulsion caused by the Romans when they invaded and sacked Jerusalem, purging and robbing the Jewish Holy Temple of all its Holy artifacts and burning it to the ground.

The Jews are the only ancient culture remaining much as they were thousands of years ago, and their right to the land exists with a strong claim.

Palestine became largely “Arab” the same way that most of the almost two dozen states that call themselves “Arab” today did – by conquest, occupation, settlement, and forced Arabization of other native, non-Arab peoples and their lands. These peoples included the Berbers, Copts, Assyrians, Black Africans, Jews, Kurds, non-Arab Lebanese, and so forth.

Muhammad and his followers burst out of the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century C.E. and spread murder, rape, and godlessness in all directions.

Anything else contrary to these facts are simply lies.

The first poster above is indicative of the openness and creativity of the Jews in Palestine. It was created by the Israeli artist Ze’ev Raban of the Bezalel school in 1929, and it was designed to promote tourism to the Land of Palestine, which was where Jews, indigenous to the land lived pre-1948 Israel.

Ze’ev Raban is regarded as a leading member of the Bezalel art style, in which artists portrayed both Biblical and Zionist themes in a style influenced by the European jugendstil (similar to Art Noveau) and by traditional Persian and Syrian styles.

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design is Israel’s national school of art. It is named after the Biblical figure Bezalel, son of Uri, who was appointed by Moses to oversee the design and construction of the Tabernacle (Exodus 35:30).

The poster has the words “Society for the Promotion of Travel in the Holy Land” at the top and below is a drawing of a palm tree overlooking a body of water, possibly Haifa, Jaffa, or Tiberias, with sheperds sitting on the hillside. Below are the words (from Song of Songs):

For, Lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth, the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.

This second poster was also an ad created by the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem in the 1920’s to promote tourism in Palestine (pre 1948 Israel) and to purchase items made there in order to help its economy and the artists who lived there. The poster features the words “Come and See Erez Israel” above an image of a tourist looking at a map of Israel.

Around the center are drawings of places of interest, such as the Tower of David, Rachel’s Tomb, Metulah, Rishon LeZion, Cave of Machpelah, Herzliah and the Mosque of Omar.

The poster also features an inset advertisement for “The Association of Jewish Guides, Properly Trained In All Subjects That Make a Good Guide, Is At Your Service”.

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