Columbia University, Edward Said and Rashid Khalidi

Just when you thought Edward Said was, fortunately long dead, we discover that his decomposing stench still fills the halls of Columbia University.

First, let me tell you about Edward Said before I tell you about his link to Columbia. Edward Said was a man who was a professional liar. He was not a major scholar, certainly not about the Middle East, which was not his field and about which his major lies were created, like his fake refugee childhood.

Edward Said was a cheap intellectual fraud, and a rock-throwing thug, no better than the murderous palestinians now besieging Israel and carrying out pogroms. Just because he was able to play the piano didn’t make him better than the lying hooligan he proved himself to be.

Naomi Ragen said it perfectly: “Edward Said was hailed as an angry prophet of Palestinian injustice who railed against the Israeli “occupier”, mourning his “beautiful” house in Jerusalem from which his family was supposedly thrown out in ’48, and his poor father impoverished. Only one problem: Edward Said grew up in Cairo, the son of an American father who owned a very lucrative office supply company. He was driven around with chauffeurs, attended the best private schools. He never even set foot in Jerusalem his entire childhood.”

Edward Said was a professor of literature at Columbia University and he died in October 2003.

He said the following:

… that the Chmielnicki pogroms of the 17th century that killed so many Jews were really very “progressive” events…

… that the Talmud teaches hatred toward Gentiles …

… that Jewish children are taught to utter a ritual curse when passing a non-Jewish cemetery …

… that when orthodox Jews wash two hands, one is to worship Satan …

… that Orthodox Jews frequently kill those with whom they disagree, for instance liberal rabbis …

… that the Jews, spurred on by their religious traditions, oppress and kill the palestinians …

These outlandish assertions can be found in an anti-Semitic pamphlet by Israel Shahak, entitled “Jewish Religion, Jewish History.” The French edition of Shahak was published in 1996 by La Vieille Taupe, a neo-Nazi sect in Paris that publishes books denying the Holocaust.

But I digress.

When Said died, a professorship at Columbia University was endowed in his name, paid for largely with Arab and Muslim money.

And according to Alan Dershowitz, his influence still pervades Middle East studies at Columbia. That is why Columbia, when it comes to hatred of Israel, has become France on the Hudson.

The recently established Edward Said Chair at Columbia has caused much controversy, in part because it is held by former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi and in part because the donors of the chair’s estimated $4 million endowment have until now been kept secret.

As Campus Watch has reported, it is highly irregular for the identity of academic chair donors to be concealed. It is all the more alarming that a university, naming a chair for one political activist and then awarding it to another political activist, would then prevent the public from knowing who had funded the chair. Columbia University continued to refuse disclosure.On Friday, March 12, 2004, Columbia’s Office of Public Affairs finally released in print (not on its website) the full list of donors.

With the list now public, it is clear why Columbia University preferred not to disclose the donors’ identities. Columbia is already known for the lack of balance in Middle East studies. The list of donors to the Edward Said chair only confirms the problem:

Yusef Abu Khadra
Abdel Muhsen Al-Qattan
Ramzi A. Dalloul
Richard and Barbara Debs
Richard B. Fisher
Gordon Gray, Jr.
Daoud Hanania
Rita E. Hauser
Walid H. Kattan
Said T. Khory Munib R. Masri
Morgan Capital & Energy
Olayan Charitable Trust
Hasib Sabbagh
Kamal A. Shair
Abdul Shakashir
Abdul Majeed Shoman
Jean Stein
United Arab Emirates

Jonathan Calt Harris, managing editor of Campus Watch points out, “In brief, at Columbia right now, a political activist professor, paid in part by an Arab state, currently administers funds from the U.S. taxpayer, in part for the purpose of ‘outreach’ to the public. Both Columbia alumni and taxpayers should find this shocking.”

Now folks, here’s the real horror, as reported today by the New York Sun:

A Columbia University professor who has called Israel a “racist” state with an “apartheid system,” and who has supported attacks by Palestinian-Arabs on Israelis, is scheduled to lecture a group of New York City public school teachers on how to teach Mideast politics to schoolchildren.

The professor, Rashid Khalidi, is director of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University. His professorship is named in memory of Edward Said, and is paid for in part with a donation from the United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Khalidi is one of more than a dozen Columbia professors expected to give city public-school teachers an overview of the history and culture of the Middle East, as part of a professional-development course offered by the city’s Department of Education.

Folks, did you read that??

A racist, Jew hating arab muslim charlatan will be giving New York City PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS an overview of “history” in the middle east.

New Yorkers, YOUR TAX DOLLARS WILL BE PAYING FOR Khalidi to poison the PUBLIC school system with his ARAB hatred and putrile villification of Jews, Hebes, Yids, Kikes and Israel.

Now don’t send me emails about free speech. This has NOTHING to do with “freedom of speech” so don’t give me that crap.

“Freedom of speech” does NOT guarantee your right to have to LISTEN to hate speech, nor does it guarantee that YOUR MONEY should have to PAY FOR ARAB RACISTS to preach their hatred to YOUR SONS and DAUGHTERS.

So, what are you going to do about it?

For one, you’re all going to write to Rep. Anthony Weiner, who said: “It’s pretty outrageous that this guy is still teaching college students. For my money, this guy shouldn’t even be teaching at Columbia, let alone being recruited to train our Board of Ed teachers. Anyone who refers to Israel as a racist and an apartheid state and claims that America has been brainwashed by Israel … should not be on the city payroll.”

The president of the teachers union, Randi Weingarten, said she was “concerned” by the situation. “How could the school system get itself embroiled with what’s going on at Columbia?” she asked. “Don’t we have enough issues?”

Mike Bloomberg is the mayor of NYC. Voice your concern to him.

The president of the principals union, Jill Levy, said her union has received some complaints about the class and said the union is investigating exactly what’s in the curriculum. “We have received information that has caused us great concern,” she said.

Thats right, folks, they’re mostly all Jews; Levy, Bloomberg, Weingarten, and I’m not sure about Weiner, but write to them and let them know of YOUR dissatisfaction that YOUR TAX DOLLARS are helping to coddle Islam and to villify Judaism.

Soon, Christianity will be next on the muslim’s hit list.

Speak now, folks, or no one will be left to speak for you.

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