Columbia Soft on Anti-Semitism

Columbia University is about to host yet another apparent anti-Semite. On Feb. 10, Columbia’s Heyman Center for the Humanities will host a talk by Tom Paulin, an Irish low-paid poet infamous for telling an Arab paper that Brooklyn-born Israeli settlers “should be shot dead…they are Nazis, racists, I feel nothing but hatred for them.” Paulin also says that Israel has no right to exist and that he resigned from Britain’s Labor Party because it was “Zionist.” Folks, Tom Paulin is an example of an ugly Jew-hating European. Tom Paulin is from Ireland, a country whose struggle for independence from the United Kingdom hatched no less than 16 terrorist groups in the last century, each group responsible for having murdered and maimed thousands of innocent British and Irish men women and children. It’s no wonder Tom Paulin hates Jews. Look at who his role models were; Irish murderers, arsonists, bombers, terrorists, and executioners. Sounds just like Palestinian society.Ariel Beery, an undergrad who’s been a leader on this issue, says: “Columbia would never invite a speaker who called for the killing of African-Americans or homosexuals.” All this follows a deluge of evidence of intolerance in Columbia’s Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures.Columbia Soft on Anti-Semitism

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