I was going thru my archives not expecting to find this article but remembering I had kept it for some reason. I make no comment or endorsement about the content except that this was published only 6 months ago:

Sharon targeted with ‘death curse’

Extremists used ritual against Rabin 1 month before he was assassinated

Posted: July 26, 2005
1:59 p.m. Eastern

Fringe activists held a midnight kabbalistic ritual in an ancient cemetery calling for angels of death to kill Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and thwart his Gaza withdrawal plan, participants in the ceremony told WND.

The same individuals used the ritual against Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin one month before his assassination in 1995.

The activists said they performed a ‘Pulsa Dinura’ – a kabbalistic ceremony in which God is asked to curse a sinner, usually an enemy of the Jewish people – and prayed for a death curse to be placed on Sharon.

They argued Sharon’s Gaza evacuation will “destroy Israel and the Jewish people” and will cause Jewish deaths.

You may read the rest of this article, here.

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