Code Words

The PA uses a code word for the “right” of return” of the 1948 refugees to within the State of Israel. It is
“Implementation of the international resolutions”.The Arabs use code words extensively. It is their way of stating positions so that their people understand the aggressive intent but Israelis and others probably think it is innocuous. The Arabs sometimes get resolutions passed with such wording. After passage, the Arabs insist upon the coded meaning rather than the literal one. If not, they’ll simply deny the official meaning, as with Resolution 242.Jerusalem was part of the Mandate for a Jewish national home. When the Mandatory authority resigned, no official disposition of the city was made. Israel acquired first the New City and then the Old City. Each time, the Arabs, who were not recognized as the object of the Mandate, were the aggressors. Why should the aggressors now receive part of the City?The PA committed terrorism and threatened more violence, unless appeased. Israel is appeasing it, hoping, in vain to make peace and end Arab violence. Both the Old City and the New City were founded by the Jewish people. Jerusalem belongs to them. Peace, if it is possible to have peace in view of the Arab drive for conquest, treaties or no treaties, depends upon the Jewish people retaining Jerusalem and defensive and watered terrain.Excerpted from the Freeman Center, by Richard H. Shulman

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