Children continue to be smuggled for camel races

Folks, the indoctrination of children into the homicide bomber death cult of Palestinianism is not the only form of Arabic child abuse.

Children continue to be smuggled for camel races.

When 13th century Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan started camel racing in his empire, no one knew the decision would ruin the lives of thousands of innocent South Asian children.

Initially, camel race organisers bought children from Oman or Sudan. The smuggling of innocent children from Pakistan started in the 1970s.

Today, local gangs and their foreign facilitators are involved in smuggling innocent Pakistani children to Middle Eastern countries for work as jockeys in camel races, the minister of state for Overseas Pakistanis, Tariq Azim, told Daily Times.

He revealed that some 2,000 children from countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Mauritania are languishing in different camel race clubs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Many others have either died or became crippled.

He condemned the inhumane treatment of the children. The young jockeys are provided with limited and sub-standard food – sometimes even worse than the food given to the camels. In some cases, they are forced to eat the camels’ food.

Here are four articles on Camel Racing and Child Abuse. Even the American magazine, Sports Illustrated, has written an article about it as well:

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