Chief Rabbinate issues prayer for Katrina’s victims 6-Sep-2005

The following prayer was composed by Israel’s Chief Rabbinate on behalf of the victims of Hurricane Katrina:

Our Heavenly Father, Founder of the world and Creator of the universe, compassionate and merciful God, please spare and show compassion to Your creatures and the world You have created, and especially the inhabitants of the states along the Gulf of Mexico in the United States.

Save them from every calamity, from the winds of storm and hurricane, from the waters of the sea, and from every sorrow and evil, and send deliverance and redemption to all those who call upon Thy Name.

Save them from the floodwaters and rescue them from the abyss, lead them to a place of safety, and do not abandon them, and in Your abundant mercy send them redemption in the measure of their loss, and complete healing to the sick and those in pain, and comfort to their souls and spirit.

May all the inhabitants of the Earth know and recognize that You are the Supreme King, Who rules the powers of the universe and shows mercy to His creatures, who praise Your great Name, amen.

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