Chemical Ali “Threw My Sons from a Helicopter

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, where are you? From Chemical Ali “Threw My Sons from a Helicopter:

Speaking from behind a curtain at the trial of 15 of Saddam Hussein’s aides accused of crimes against humanity during the brutal repression of the 1991 Shia rebellion in Iraq, a mother said: “The army detained my two sons, my brother and my niece on March 3, 1991. Nine days later, my brother and niece were released and they told me that Ali Hasan al-Majid [Saddam’s cousin, Chemical Ali] had executed my two sons by throwing them out of a helicopter into the Gulf.”Many Shias who took part in the uprising say they had expected U.S. forces to back them in the rebellion, but former president Bush instead ordered a halt at the Iraqi border, leaving the rebels at the mercy of Saddam’s elite Revolutionary Guards.

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