Chechen Muslim terrorists follow al-Qaida manual

Folks, here is another sickening fact emerging from the three-day siege of the Russian school by Islamic terrorists – which has resulted in more than 200 dead and 700 injured: it is becoming apparent that the operation closely followed the terror roadmap laid out in issue 10 of A*l B*att*ar, al-Qaida’s online training manual.

The terrorism roadmap, written by Abdel Aziz Al Moqrin, leader of al-Qaida’s Saudi Arabian cell who was killed in June, provides a detailed and simplified “Kidnapping for Dummies” guide.

In the section on how to kill children and women, were included rules of Muslim etiquette. The instruction, Abide by Muslim laws as your actions may become a Da’wa [call to join Islam], clearly proves that Islam sanctifies, advocates, and approves of the murder of innocent men, women, and children.

Here are some excerpts from the How To Murder Non-Muslims online manual:

Security measures for public kidnapping:

-In case of stalling, hostages must be gradually executed, so that the enemy knows we are serious.

-When releasing hostages such as women and children, be careful, as they may transfer information that might be helpful to the enemy.

-You must verify that the food transported to the hostages and kidnappers is safe. This is done by making the delivery person and the hostages taste the food before you. It is preferable that an elderly person or a child brings in the food, as food delivery could be done by a covert special forces’ person.

-Beware of the negotiator.

-Stalling by the enemy indicates their intention to storm the location.

-Beware of sudden attacks as they may be trying to create a diversion which could allow them to seize control of the situation.

-Combating teams will use two attacks: a secondary one just to attract attention, and a main attack elsewhere.

-In case your demands have been met, releasing the hostages should be made only in a place that is safe to the hostage takers.

-Watch out for the ventilation or other openings as they could be used to plant surveillance devices through which the number of kidnappers could be counted and gases could be used.

-Do not be emotionally affected by the distress of your captives.

Abide by Muslim laws as your actions may become a Da’wa [call to join Islam].

-Avoid looking at women.

Chechen terrorists follow al-Qaida manual

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