Charges sought against Rumsfeld over prison abuse

Folks, let me tell you a little bit about the organization The Center for Constitutional Rights, the extremist group which filed the war crimes lawsuit against Donald Rumsfeld in Germany. (Sources include Mark Levin, constitutional lawyer and top-rated radio talk show host)

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) was founded by Communists and anti-U.S. radicals. The CCR was founded in 1966 by attorneys Morton Stavis, William Kunstler, Ben Smith and Arthur Kinoy–all members of either the Communist Party or the radical left. Before forming CCR, Kunstler and Kinoy drafted and circulated a detailed memo calling for the creation of a ‘new Communist Party.’ That never materialized. Instead, Kunstler and the other lawyers, some of whom were also members of the National Lawyers Guild, a communist front group, focused their energies on building the CCR and formulating and fulfilling its main mission of clearing legal roadblocks for leftist revolutionaries and enemies of the U.S. and capitalist economic system.

Time Magazine mentions this lawsuit in passing to give the false impression that this is an official action by the German government. Don’t be misled. This is nothing more than a piece of crap paper filed by a piece of crap organization.

CCR is an organization that has worked 24 x 7 to undermine the United States. This group has represented every inconceivable terrorist and enemy in this country. CCR needs to be exposed because Time Magazine won’t tell you, and the New York Times won’t tell you, but this group, CCR, represents prisoners at Guantanamo Bay: aka terrorists. That’s right, terrorists who want to decapitate you and mutilate your daughter’s genitals.

Rachel Meeropol is an attorney for CCR. Rachel Meeropol is the granddaughter of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg who were convicted and executed for providing atomic bomb secrets to the Soviet Union. Rachel Meeropol is one of CCR’s trial lawyers. CCR has represented members of the radical anti-US United Front which financed itself by robbing banks from Connecticut to Virginia. Its members, later known as the Ohio 7, were convicted with the involvement of numerous bombings and the murder of a NJ state trooper. Members of the Marxist/Leninist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine have been clients of this group as well as several convicted spies, including Clatyon Lonetree who sold US documents to the Soviets and Jose Padilla, the dirty bomber, among others.

Stanley Cohen. a Jew apostate lawyer affiliated with CCR has defended the blind sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman and Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzuk, and other Muslim terrorists. CCR has been a strong supporter of radical attorney Lynne Stewart, who in February 2005 was convicted on charges that she had illegally “facilitated and concealed communications” between her client, the incarcerated “blind sheik” Omar Abdel Rahman, and members of his Egyptian terrorist organization, the Islamic Group, which has ties to al Qaeda.

In March 2005, CCR joined with the parents of anti-Israel activist Rachel Corrie (the International Solidarity Movement volunteer who was accidentally crushed to death while trying to obstruct the path of a bulldozer that was engaged in anti-terror operations by Israeli Defense Force soldiers in Gaza) in filing a federal lawsuit against Caterpillar Inc., the Illinois-based manufacturer of the bulldozers used for such purposes by the IDF. Arguing that Caterpillar had violated international and state laws by providing the IDF with this machinery, CCR sued the company, marking the first time that American citizens had filed suit against a U.S. corporation for alleged misdeeds in a foreign country.

CCR only defends clients whose political views it supports, among the more notable of whom was Tom Hayden. Other CCR clients have included members of the Black Liberation Movement, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Students for a Democratic Society, Women’s Strike for Peace, the Communist Party, the Black Panther Party, the Chicago Seven, and the Catonsville Nine. The organization has also taken up the cause of Leonard Peltier, an American Indian rights activist who was convicted of murdering two FBI agents in 1975, a crime for which he is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

This is the group trying to bring a suit against Donald Rumsfeld and Time Magazine tells you nothing about it. According to CCR, America lacks the fundamental right to defend itself. Do you see now why the lawsuit is a piece of crap?

Now you know why blogs like Smooth Stone are critical to disseminating the truth about the media and the truth about Islam’s superobjective to colonize the global community under a sharia and jihadist umbrella. Folks, it’s your head or theirs. Make a choice, before it’s too late.

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