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The Jewish People Are Entitled to Self-Determination

The brutal terror of the Palestinian Authority complicit in the ethnic cleansing of indigenous Jews from their homeland of Israel must stop. The global community must place intense pressure upon the entity calling itself “Palestine” to respect the human rights of the Jewish people who have returned to their restored homeland. Jews are entitled to… Keep Reading

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The Zionist Freedom Alliance: Pro-Israel Revolution on Campus

Support the Zionist Freedom Alliance ( Excerpted from INN: Over the last couple of years, the Zionist Freedom Alliance ( has been slowly taking American college campuses by storm with a message of Jewish rights not heard for many decades. Led by veteran IDF soldiers and activists in Israel, the ZFA presents Zionism to the… Keep Reading

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Few Jordanians Will Mention “Israel”

Any Israeli trying to enter Jordan will be turned away at the border if he is wearing or carrying any Jewish religious paraphernalia. Jordanian authorities explain, that this behavior stems from – get this – “security concerns”. Jews, after all, are prized targets for terrorists. By this reasoning, stopping people with overtly Jewish appearances, or… Keep Reading

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Robert Kennedy’s 1948 Reports from Palestine

From On the 40th Anniversary of His Assassination: Robert Kennedy’s 1948 Reports from Palestine by Lenny Ben-David: In April 1948, one month before Israel declared independence, Robert Kennedy, then 22, traveled to Palestine to report on the conflict for the Boston Post. His four dispatches from the scene were published in June 1948. The newspaper… Keep Reading

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