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It is ethnocentric Arabism in general, and Islam specifically, that rots the Middle East.

The killings of Jews by Palestinians, and earlier, by Arabs who didn’t yet consider themselves Palestinians — predated the establishment of the state of Israel. The killers did not differentiate among their targets. They just had to be Jews, random Jews, any Jews: socialist farmers on some remote kibbutz in the Galilee, working people in… Keep Reading

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More poisoned terminology; “held territories”

From Zola Levitt: American Airlines has labeled a frequent flyer statement to a customer in Israel with the address “Jerusalem, Held Territories.” Angered by this designation of his West Jerusalem residence, Dr. Gerald Schroeder sent a copy of his mileage statement to a Dallas-based Christian ministry to Israel, [Zola Levitt Ministries] which followed up with… Keep Reading

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