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Video: Houston Islamic Education Center Celebrates Iran’s Islamic Revolution

Via MEMRI: The Islamic Education Center of Houston, Texas, celebrated the 40th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution on Feb. 17, 2019.  A video uploaded by the center shows the audience chanting: “Allah Akbar! Khamenei is our Leader!” In addition, young boys wearing green headbands sang: “You are our Leader….We are your soldiers.” Click to view: Keep Reading

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Hamas: Jews Planned Holocaust to Kill Handicapped Among Them

Hamas-run television in Gaza broadcast a dastardly new version of Holocaust denial on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day – claiming the Jews carried out the genocide to rid themselves of the “disabled and handicapped” among them. On the program, Amin Dabur, head of the Palestinian Center for Strategic Research, lied while stating that “the… Keep Reading

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Graphic: Eyewitness to Ramallah Lynching by Palestinians

Video: Eyewitness to Ramallah Lynching by Palestinians See also Pictures from the Gamla site (some are graphic) Israeli Journalist on the Ramallah Lynchings Sunday Telegraph (London) 10/15/2000 MARK SEAGER, 29, a British photographer, was working on a pictorial study of Palestinian refugees when he found himself caught up in the… Keep Reading

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