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Residents of Ramallah Parade a Donkey as a Religious Jew

in Islamic Terrorism/Islamism/Palestinianism/Ramallah/Smooth Stone/Year: 2000

On January 12, 2001, three months after Palestinians savagely butchered two Jewish reservists, the residents of Ramallah showed just how sorry they were. Hundreds of Palestinians, including leading Palestinian Authority and Fatah officials, conducted a hate-filled rally against Israel, complete with a donkey clad in a Jewish prayer shawl and a nose painted with a…

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Eyewitness to Ramallah Lynching by Palestinians

in Islamic Terrorism/Islamism/Ramallah

Eyewitness to Ramallah Lynching by Palestinians See also Pictures from the Gamla site (some are graphic) Israeli Journalist on the Ramallah Lynchings Sunday Telegraph (London) 10/15/2000 MARK SEAGER, 29, a British photographer, was working on a pictorial study of Palestinian refugees when he found himself caught up in the horrific…

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