More Islamist Rage at the Holy Jewish Temple Mount


The more one thinks about it, the more convincing is that Muslims want a global bloody war.  For Islamists, the rule is “whatever the traffic will bear” and everyone puts up with it.  Islamists seize their opportunities, test their foes, and probe their weak spots. Pay close attention to the Media’s pernicious usage of the terms: “disputed holy site” and “ancient”, as well as diminutive qualifiers that describe what is holy to Jews, for example “shrines” and “ancient temples” which insinuate old and no longer viable vs . “the compound where Islamic tradition says Muhammad ascended to heaven” which conjures

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Must Read: Muslims now claim Al Aqsa Mosque built by Adam or Abraham


The mendacity in Islamiss just grows and grown and gets more and more outrageous. For a Muslim, it’s whatever the traffic will bear. We’ve all heard Big Lies coming out of Islam, but this is absurd. Please keep in mind when you read the following article that if Abraham had built it, it would have been a synagogue, not a mosque: In the beginning was Al-Aqsa by Nadav Shragai Haaretz 27 November 2005 A few years ago, an article appeared on the Web site of the northern branch of Israel’s Islamic Movement by the Egyptian archaeologist Abed al-Rahim Rihan Barakat,

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