Arab-American Researchers: Arabs Don’t Want Peace with Israel – They Want Respite in Order to Regain Power and Wage War Again


Via MEMRI-TV: Speaking on Al-Hurra TV on Feb. 6, 2020, Egyptian-American researcher Samuel Tadros said: “What will we gain if we add to the 21 Arab states a 22nd state with the same corruption, oppression, and so on? If the people really demand a free Palestine, it means that it should be…free from corruption, oppression, dictatorship, and all those things that exist in our countries.” Syrian-American human rights activist Ammar Abdulhamid said: “It was the Arab countries that turned against the international legitimacy in 1948. The Arab-Israeli conflict was started by the Arab countries when they rejected the UN Partition

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Palestinians Fire 90 Rockets at Israel in Two Days


Via Times of Israel: On Sunday and Monday, Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired 90 rockets at Israel from Gaza. 90% of those heading toward populated areas were intercepted by the IDF’s Iron Dome system. In response, Israel launched multiple retaliatory air raids against Islamic Jihad bases in Gaza, as well as an airstrike on a squad as it was preparing to launch rockets. There was some damage to homes and infrastructure in Israel, and a few Israelis sustained minor injuries while running to bomb shelters. See also Video: Israeli Civilians under Palestinian Rocket

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Questions About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Didn’t Israel drive out 600,000 Palestinians at gunpoint in 1948 and take their land? Most Arabs who left Israel did so under the orders of the Arab leader, the Grand Mufti, to withdraw and let the Arab armies “drive the Jews into the sea,” which they attempted in 1948. However Israel won that war. Not all of the Arabs left, and Israel is now 18% Arab. These Arabs have full citizenship rights, can own property, vote, and have 14 representatives in the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. I’ve heard that some Israelis say there is no such thing as Palestinians. How

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