Los Angeles Times Distorts IAEA Report


The LA times is as detestable as the BBC in its anti-Israel bias.  Via CAMERA: In a news article about the origins of uranium particles found at the Syrian site bombed by Israel in September 2007, Borzou Daragahi of the Los Angeles Times severely distorts the report issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The article states: “‘The only explanation for the presence of these modified uranium particles is that they were contained in the missiles dropped from the Israeli planes,’ the [IAEA] report said.” Yet the IAEA report did not make this statement. Rather, as a matter of record,

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Get Ready for More Pallywood Photos from the Arab-loving Media


Hamas is a cockroach group of baby killers that have reaped what they have sown.  Let Israel with all its might clean out the cockroaches once and for all time.  And just like cockroaches, as People’s Cube wrote of the growing trend at Reuters, BBC, and other progressive media to doctor photographs, stage events, and use choreographed footage in the best Pallywood traditions of “poor palestinians”, you should expect to see photos of “Fatima” splattered all over by the Arab-loving mainstream media. No, I don’t mean this murderer below named Fatima who wants to kill Jews: I mean the fake

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Reuters Mistake Triggers Israel “Holocaust” Libel


Via National Review: A Reuters mistranslation of remarks by Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai this morning has triggered an international news libel against Israel. Among the news outlets jumping on the bandwagon are those that have previously been accused of deliberately attempting to stir up anti-Semitism through false and inflammatory coverage of Israel. They include several British-owned or British-based media. For example, at the present time the following headlines can be found on these websites: Reuters: Israel minister warns Palestinians of “shoah” The BBC: Israel warns of Gaza ‘holocaust’ The Guardian: Israeli minister warns of Palestinian ‘holocaust’ The Times

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More Islamist Rage at the Holy Jewish Temple Mount


The more one thinks about it, the more convincing is that Muslims want a global bloody war.  For Islamists, the rule is “whatever the traffic will bear” and everyone puts up with it.  Islamists seize their opportunities, test their foes, and probe their weak spots. Pay close attention to the Media’s pernicious usage of the terms: “disputed holy site” and “ancient”, as well as diminutive qualifiers that describe what is holy to Jews, for example “shrines” and “ancient temples” which insinuate old and no longer viable vs . “the compound where Islamic tradition says Muhammad ascended to heaven” which conjures

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