Push Back Attempts by Palestinian Arabs to Delegitimize Israel


It is imperative that we fight back against palestinians and their apologists who delegitimize Israel.  The attempts to delegitimize Israel ignores the fact that Israel was settled on land that Jews owned or purchased, was public land granted by the British Mandate for Palestine, & was captured when Israel defeated invading Arab armies in 1967 – all LEGAL LAND acquisitions.

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What You Can Do If You Think Israel Stole Palestinian Land


1) Demand that Britain apologize for the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which first committed Britain to reestablish the Jewish homeland in what was then called Palestine. Britain had given “without any right, authority or consent from anyone, the land of Palestine to another people.” 2) Your low-informed tweets rewrite the Jews out of their own history by fabricating an entirely fictitious Palestinian story. The only people for whom the Land of Israel and the disputed territories have ever been their national kingdom are the Jews. 3) Palestinians complain more about Israel than they do about the absence of a state of

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The Land in Silwan was Bought and Paid for by Jews


The land in Silwan was purchased in 1881 by Yemeni Jews who built their homes there until they were ethnically cleansed by Jordanians in 1929. It still belongs to Yemeni Jews, so building by palestinians on this land is illegal. Moreover, the Arab Muslims were so arrogant and convinced that the Jews would never come back, they did not bother to change the land registration which remained under the names of its rightful owners.

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Migron Sentenced to Destruction in Six Months


The Jewish town of Migron, mentioned in the 5,000 year old Jewish holy book in Samuel 1 14,2 and in Isaiah 10,28 is to be forcibly evacuated of all of its Jewisch citizens, by the left wing Jew-haters “Peace Now” in order to make room for the thieves and barbarians of Arabia, so that it can turn into another sh’aria sh*thole the same way that Gaza has.

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Disputed Jerusalem Neighborhood Built on Jewish Land


Jewish land bought and paid for. From Disputed Jerusalem Neighborhood Built on Jewish Land: Israel’s Ministry of Construction and Housing this week invited contractors to bid on a contract to build 307 new housing units in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Homa. Har Homa is a neighborhood inside the Jerusalem city limits, at the edge of PA-controlled Bethlehem, that has more than 1,000 dwellings, housing some 6,000 residents. Har Homa sits on 210 acres of land that Jews purchased from local Arab landowners in the 1920s. It is therefore Jewish-owned land, said Israel Kimhi of the Jerusalem Institute for

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