Pakistani Girl Forced to Marry at Nine Murdered After She Sought Annulment

Originally Posted: 06 Sep 2008 03:44 PM CDT Via FoxNews: A 17-year-old Pakistani girl forced to marry a 45-year-old when she was only nine was reportedly killed by her parents, according to the Weekend Australian. The murder has intensified despair among human rights workers in…

Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters

Since the PLO was created in 1964, and Israel didn’t gain control of the disputed areas until after she was attacked in 1967, how can Arabs, Palestiniasts and the media continue to preach that it is the “occupation” that is the center of the “palestinian”…

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Palestinians Stocked Slabs, Stones, and Fireworks at Al-Aqsa Compound for Temple Mount Riots

Premeditated murder.  Via Times of Israel: In the days leading up to Friday’s mass rioting at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Palestinians stockpiled stone slabs, rocks and fireworks around the site, Israel’s Channel 12 reported. Israeli security forces were attacked from within the Al-Aqsa mosque.