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To Hell With Arab Outrage

I am the original author of this post that went around the world in 2004, speaking for everyone who is disgusted by Arab barbarism. Originally posted here: Arabs are “outraged” over the humiliation of Iraqi prisoners at the hands of a few American servicemen. Where were these “outraged” Arabs when necrophiliacs in Fallujah mutilated four… Keep Reading

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3 soldiers hurt in suspected car-ramming attack in central West Bank | The Times of Israel

Three Israeli soldiers were injured when a Palestinian man rammed his car into them along a central West Bank highway in a suspected deliberate attack Monday, officials said.  The Palestinian driver was shot dead after hitting servicemen with his vehicle near the Karmei Tzur settlement.  The driver was later identified by Palestinian officials as Ramzi… Keep Reading

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Hate Crime: Driver Targets Jews In Hancock Park « CBS Los Angeles

Some people in a Hancock Park neighborhood said a driver targeted them because they are Jewish. Now police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. The suspect in the case, identified as Mohammed Mohammed, was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Source: Hate Crime: Driver Targets Jews In Hancock Park… Keep Reading

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Get Woke

What Islamists did on September 11, 2001 gave jihad a new urgency and 9-11 furthered their goal to engage in radical offensive warfare. In Israel’s defense, there are several links on the sidebar about Israel for you to review. Please read them, bookmark them, and although the data is overwhelming at first, try to read… Keep Reading

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