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Muslim Persecution of Christians

Originally published Wayback Machine Muslim persecution of Christians is widespread. Particularly despised are former Muslims who converted to Christianity, for they stand in violation of traditional Islamic Law’s injunction against apostasy. According to all contemporary schools of Islamic jurisprudence, that is a crime punishable by death, in accordance with the Prophet Muhammad’s command: “Whoever…

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In Their Own Words: What the Terrorists Believe, What They Hope to Accomplish, and How They Intend to Accomplish It

The Terrorists On September 11 Osama Bin Laden: The 9/11 Attacks Were “An Unparalleled And Magnificent Feat Of Valor, Unmatched By Any In Humankind.” BIN LADEN: “On the blessed Tuesday 11 September 2001 … they launched their attacks with their planes in an unparalleled and…

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Statements by Radical Muslims calling for the destruction of Israel (and its ally the United States)

Statements by Radical Muslims calling for the destruction of Israel (and its ally the United States) By Discover The Networks (January 2007) Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, President of Iran “The skirmishes in the occupied land are part of a war of destiny. The outcome of hundreds of years…

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Jewish Tomb of Patriarchs Desecrated by Muslims

Originally Posted: 08 Sep 2008 02:36 PM CDT “Ma’arat HaMachpela,” the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, is the second holiest site to Jews in the world. The site was off-limits to Jews and Christians for 700 years – from 1267-1967.  Jews were prevented from…

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Gaza terrorists fire hundreds of rockets at Israel

This happened because Biden and his Jew-hating administration restored “financial aid” to palestinians.  Oops, we spelled “funding islamic terrorism” wrong.  Via The Times of Israel: Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip fired massive barrages of rockets at southern Israel throughout Tuesday, wounding at least…

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Palestinians Stocked Slabs, Stones, and Fireworks at Al-Aqsa Compound for Temple Mount Riots

Premeditated murder.  Via Times of Israel: In the days leading up to Friday’s mass rioting at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Palestinians stockpiled stone slabs, rocks and fireworks around the site, Israel’s Channel 12 reported. Israeli security forces were attacked from within the Al-Aqsa mosque.

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Arab-American Researchers: Arabs Don’t Want Peace with Israel – They Want Respite in Order to Regain Power and Wage War Again

Via MEMRI-TV: Speaking on Al-Hurra TV on Feb. 6, 2020, Egyptian-American researcher Samuel Tadros said: “What will we gain if we add to the 21 Arab states a 22nd state with the same corruption, oppression, and so on? If the people really demand a free…