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Muslims terrorist kills 8 innocent Israelis and maims several others

In the worst terror attack against innocent Israelis since 2006, a palestinian Muslim terrorist opened fire at a central Jerusalem yeshiva late Thursday night, killing at least eight students and wounding 10 others. As security forces raced to the scene, the Muslim fired round after round of ammunition into the library at the seminary, religious… Keep Reading

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In a Just World the New York Times Would Have to Pay

A smiling photo of a palestinian muslim murderer, in an Israeli jail, featured in an HBO film, praised by the New York Times. From Boker Tov, Boulder: Ahlam Tamimi in a scene from the documentary “Hot House.” Ms. Tamimi is among about 10,000 Palestinians being held in Israeli jails. In a just world, the New… Keep Reading

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Restrictions on Old City Jews during Ramadan

Via Arutz 7: With the onset of Ramadan (Muslim holiday) celebrations, the police have instructed Jews living on a main Old City thoroughfare not to traverse it between 8 and 10 PM in the coming weeks. The Jews living in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City – 800 in number – were informed by… Keep Reading

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