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Every person was spawned from single pair of adults living up to 200,000 years ago, scientists claim | Daily Mail Online

Via Daily Mail UK: All modern humans descended from a solitary pair who lived 100,000 to 200,000 years ago, scientists say.Scientists surveyed the genetic ‘bar codes’ of five million animals – including humans – from 100,000 different species and deduced that we sprang from a single pair of adults after a catastrophic event almost wiped… Keep Reading

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Direct Divine Intervention. What happened to it?

An uplifting article with a promise for all with righteous hearts. Excerpted from JWR: In our day, open miracles do not occur. According to the Jewish religious tradition, direct Divine intervention to turn what we call nature on its head ended in Biblical times. Still perceptible, though, in even our less holy times are more… Keep Reading

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Kiddush Hashem

Dennis Prager once wrote: Every yeshiva student learns early in life that the greatest sin is chilul Hashem, public desecration of the Name (of God), and conversely, the greatest mitzvah (commandment, good deed) is kiddush Hashem, public sanctification of the Name. Today I am praising the Name of The One and Only. B”H.   Keep Reading

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