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Palestine From the River to the Sea

“Palestine from the river to the sea” was a slogan of the Palestine Liberation Organization beginning with its founding in 1964, claiming a Palestinian state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and rejecting control by Israel of any land in the region, including areas controlled by Israel prior to 1967. It later became… Keep Reading

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3 soldiers hurt in suspected car-ramming attack in central West Bank | The Times of Israel

Three Israeli soldiers were injured when a Palestinian man rammed his car into them along a central West Bank highway in a suspected deliberate attack Monday, officials said.  The Palestinian driver was shot dead after hitting servicemen with his vehicle near the Karmei Tzur settlement.  The driver was later identified by Palestinian officials as Ramzi… Keep Reading

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The Right of Israeli Children near Gaza to Grow Up Quietly

Via JPost: Since Israel’s 2005 disengagement from Gaza, the residents of Israel near Gaza have been living under fire, with rockets, terrorist tunnels, booby traps, and burning fields and tires. Israeli children living near Gaza haven’t had a day or night without fear of Red Alerts, fear of being killed in their homes by rocket… Keep Reading

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“Half-Shekel” Weight from First Temple Era Unearthed near City of David in Jerusalem

Another nail in the “Ancientpalestinianpeople” coffin. Via JPost: A tiny stone “half-shekel” weight that dates back to the First Temple period was unearthed north of the City of David in Jerusalem, the City of David Foundation announced Wednesday. The weight was found during the sifting of archaeological soil originating from the foot of Robinson’s Arch… Keep Reading

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The Jewish People Are Entitled to Self-Determination

The brutal terror of the Palestinian Authority complicit in the ethnic cleansing of indigenous Jews from their homeland of Israel must stop. The global community must place intense pressure upon the entity calling itself “Palestine” to respect the human rights of the Jewish people who have returned to their restored homeland. Jews are entitled to… Keep Reading

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