New Al Qaeda Leader is Based in Iran, Say UN and US


Via The Algemeiner: Iran has provided the base for the new leader of the Al Qaeda Islamist terror organization, according to separate assessments released this week by the UN and the United States. A UN report issued on Wednesday described Seif al-Adel — a a former Egyptian intelligence officer with a $10 million bounty on his head — as the “uncontested” leader of Al Qaeda, whose influence since the September 11, 2001 atrocities in New York and Washington, DC, has waned as other terror groups such as ISIS have emerged in the Middle East.

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Al Qaeda urging Muslims to assassinate Condoleeza Rice


Via Jihad Watch:  Citing her tour as an “opportunity of a lifetime.” “Jihadist urges Al-Qaeda to kill Rice in Africa,” from MoneyBiz, September 4: DUBAI – A jihadist on an Islamist website urged the North African branch of Al-Qaeda to assassinate US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during her regional tour this week, the Site Intelligence Group said today.The organisation which monitors Islamist sites said the call was posted on Al-Ekhlaas [“Loyalty”], a password-protected Al-Qaeda-affiliated forum, on the eve of Rice’s tour starting in Libya today that will also include Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. The tour was an “opportunity of

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Al Qaeda Using Pedophile Websites to Plot Terror Attacks Against Britain


Just when you thought Islamists could go no lower.  Via JihadWatch: All’s “fair” in love and jihad? More on how, for jihadists, the end, Islamic supremacy, will always justify the means, no matter how odious. “Al-Qaeda Hiding Behind Pedobear for British terror attacks,” from the Inquisitr, January 5: Al-Qaeda is using pedophile websites to plot terror attacks on Britain according to British Security Services.Al-Qaeda is using the sites due to the levels of security employed: paedophile sites are said to be password-protected and encrypted to avoid detection from police, which apparently makes them great for secretly plotting terrorist attacks as

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Spies Warn That Al Qaeda Aims for October Surprise


Muzbots prepare to turn on their kill-switches.  Via NY Sun: In the aftermath of two major terrorist attacks on Western targets, America’s counterterrorism community is warning that Al Qaeda may launch more overseas operations to influence the presidential elections in November. Call it Osama bin Laden’s “October surprise.” In late August, during the weekend between the Democratic and Republican conventions, America’s military and intelligence agencies intercepted a series of messages from Al Qaeda’s leadership to intermediate members of the organization asking local cells to be prepared for imminent instructions. An official familiar with the new intelligence said the message was

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