Carter Urges Iowa Voters Not to Back “Knee-Jerk Supporters” of Israel

Look at what this detestable Jew-hating bastard accomplished in just four years as president. He convinced Israel to give away the Suez Canal. He gave away US control of the Panama Canal which the US built. He allowed the Shah’s friendly Iranian government to collapse, he allowed the malevolent extremist regime of the Ayatollah Khomeini to take over and dig its roots deep, he botched the Iranian hostage rescue mission which was an international embarassment, he allowed Iranian terrorists to hold American hostages for more than 444 days, and very nearly bankrupted our country economically. This bastard is a menace. And he dares to preach moral lucidity to college students? Shyeah, riiiiiight. From Carter Urges Iowa Voters Not to Back “Knee-Jerk Supporters” of Israel:

As long as American politicians are seen as “knee-jerk supporters” of Israel, the country’s role as the principal Mideast peace broker will be endangered, former President Jimmy Carter told a crowd Wednesday at the University of Iowa. Carter told the crowd of 6,000 that he chose Iowa out of the 100 university lecture invitations he received because of the power of Iowa caucus voters to select candidates. “The main reason I came to Iowa is to make sure you knew you could shape an outcome in the 2008 presidential election. At least you can screen out candidates,” he said. “Make them pledge to you…that they will take a balanced position between Israel and Palestinians.”