Canada Removes Terrorist Websites

A new area for righteous activists, moralists, ethicists, and the superb intelligence units of the US and Israeli governments to combat and destroy. From Canada Removes Terrorist Websites:

The Canadian Internet service provider iWeb recently removed three websites powered by Hamas and Hizbullah – both designated as terrorist organizations in Canada. Jonathan Halevi, co-founder of the Orient Research Group Ltd. and a senior researcher of the Middle East and radical Islam at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, had filed a complaint after discovering that an official Hamas website was being hosted in Canada. After reporting that Hizbullah may be activating sleeper cells in Canada, CBC questioned iWeb about two additional websites, one promoting Hizbullah and the other in support of Hamas, both of which were eventually taken down. According to Halevi, as much as 95% of online activity powered by terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda and Hamas, is hosted by American servers. “Nobody is getting sued for supporting terrorist organizations on the Web. There is an urgent need for an international Internet police,” he said.

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