Canada Expected to Back Out of UN Racism Conference

Moral clarity from Canada. From Canada Expected to Back Out of UN Racism Conference via Daily Alert:

Canadian Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier is expected to announce as early as Wednesday Canada is dropping out of planning for the Durban II Conference, which the UN is billing as a global follow-up to its 2001 World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. Insiders say the government feels the new conference is shaping up to be like the anti-West and anti-Israel free-for-all that critics said the initial gathering quickly turned into. “Make no mistake, Durban II is on track to be even worse than Durban I,” said Anne Bayefsky, a Canadian academic who edits the New York-based monitoring Web site “Canada, if it drops out, would be exhibiting moral clarity and courage after making the mistake at Durban I of staying despite serious reservations.”

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