Canada court: Jerusalem not Israel’s capital

It is amazing that Canada, like the other Jew-hating nations around the world, continue to promote their paranoia about the legitimate and sovereign nation of Israel. Via YnetNews:

A Canadian court rejected an appeal by an Israeli-born Toronto Jew who asked that his passport identify his place of birth as “Jerusalem, Israel,” claiming that the capital’s status was disputed.

Folks, you must support listing Jerusalem, Israel on US Passports. The points are clear:

– All sovereign countries name their own capital.

– Jerusalem is the de facto capital of Israel and home of the Knesset — Israel’s governing body.

– Jerusalem always had a Jewish presence.

– All Israeli governments have declared that Jerusalem is the eternal and indivisible capital of Israel.

– Jerusalem has NEVER been the capital of Palestine or any Islamic country.

– The last sovereign Arab country that illegally occupied portions of Jerusalem was Jordan and Jordan never turned it over to the PLO.

– Israel did not launch a war to acquire Jerusalem by force; they were forced to respond to the illegal Jordanian presence AFTER Jordan attacked Israel.

– The Arab occupation of Jerusalem was noted for religious discrimination against Jews.

– The last Islamic country recognized by the world as having sovereign rights over Jerusalem was Turkey and they have not complained; indeed, they are an ally of Israel and facing the same Arab intransigence.

– Jews agreed to partition Israel according to UN resolutions and the Arabs answered by beginning a war.

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