A call from the The International Hyperzionist Movement “Be’ad Artseinu” to the Jews of the world

A call from the The International Hyperzionist Movement “Be’ad Artseinu” (“For Motherland!”) to the Jews of the world: Brothers and sisters! In these dark days the “government” of the state of Israel is preparing to commit a terrible crime against G-d of Israel and the Jewish people – an eviction of Jews from their homes and transfer of a part of our common historical Motherland to the enemy. There can be no justification for this crime – as the people who have usurped the power in Israel are motivated by pure greed and cowardice.We call on you, Jews, wherever you may be, to do everything in your power to stop this horrible crime from happening. We call on the world Jewry to stop providing any assistance to the official government of Israel and to declare boycott to all official branches and representatives of the government of Israel – until such time, as the government will relinquish its criminal intent to deport Jews from Gaza, Samaria and to transfer the parts of Jerusalem under Arab control. The duty of every honest Jew who sees this message is to distribute it as widely as possible among the Jews of diaspora. Translate this call to all the languages spoken by our brothers and sisters who remain scattered around the world, tell about it to all the Jews you know. Only together may we succeed in defending our historic Motherland! Don’t let the criminals, who have usurped power inside the country, to give away parts of our common heritage to our enemies!

Demand from the Israeli government the cancellation of the deportation.

Rabbi Avraham Shmulevich, Chairman of “Bead Artseinu”
Secretariat of the Movement

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