California’s Anti-Israel College

Via FrontPage by Lee Kaplan:

If you think anti-Israel activism and support for America’s enemies is limited to major universities that receive large financial grants from Saudi royals and Gulf state sheiks, think again. A case in point is Diablo Valley College, a community college nestled in the sleepy bedroom community of Pleasant Hill, California.

As previously documented on FrontPage, the college is the home of Amer Araim, a San Francisco Bay Area imam who doesn’t teach relevant facts or history in the classroom about Israel and who encourages his students to oppose Israel’s existence as a Jewish state. In his course, “Politics of the Middle East,” which this reporter attended for an entire semester, Araim used as the basis for his classroom instruction such documents as the Hamas charter and the anti-Semitic forgery, the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” Araim doesn’t say that this is where his information comes from. Instead, he lets his students think that he is teaching them current history and scholarly facts.

After the local Jewish community erupted in outrage over Araim’s in-class hatemongering, college administrators removed the course from the college’s catalog. However, the college did nothing to discourage the imam from his political sermonizing inside the classroom. In a telling glimpse into the misplaced priorities of at Diablo Valley College, Araim was awarded three new courses to teach.

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