Busting the myth of “palestine”

Article 12 of the Palestinian National Charter of 1968 states that Palestinians must “safeguard their Palestinian identity and develop their consciousness of that identity.” Obviously, it was not an EXISTING identity (nationality, culture, etc.) but had had to be DEVELOPED (created, propagandized, etc.).

Article 7 of the Palestinian National Charter of 1968 states that “All means of information and education must be adopted in order to acquaint the Palestinian with his country…” If the Palestinians existed prior to Israel’s creation as an entity, why must ‘Palestinians’ be ACQUAINTED “with his country”?

There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians (independent or otherwise). There is no ‘Palestinian’ culture or language distinguishable from the surrounding Arab culture and language. Nor has there ever been, prior to the Oslo Accords (1993), a Palestinian currency.

Prior to 1948, the area known today as Israel was last ruled by the ancient Kingdom of Israel. Since that time, it had been OCCUPIED and ADMINISTERED FROM AFAR by the Romans, Byzantines, Persians, Arabs, Ottomans and Brits.

The peace treaties between Israel and Jordan and Egypt acknowledge that Jordan and Egypt had illegally occupied the West Bank and Gaza strip, respectively, from 1948-67.

The original 1920 mandate for Palestine was for a Jewish National Homeland, and included all of the territory that now comprises Israel AND Jordan. The first ‘Palestinians’, therefore, were Jews.

The Brits violated their administrative Mandate and divided the territory allocated for the Jewish National Homeland, giving 76% of it to Transjordan/Jordan. Following the Pakistan/India/Bangladesh model, Jews were to have remained in ‘West Palestine’ (now Israel) and Muslims were to have remained in “East Palestine”, a.k.a. Jordan – with some population transfer. The British refused to keep statistics on illegal Arab in-migration to Israel after this administrative division, but the Arab population exploded some 400%, well above the 1.5% natural growth.

After Israel’s independence, she absorbed nearly 1 million Arab and Persian Jews. The surrounding Arab nations, newly independent themselves, refused to absorb 450-600.000 of their brethern, and have instead ‘jailed’ them in camps for over half a century. These displaced Arabs are the only group out of 100.000.000 refugees after WWII to never be resettled.

In 1945 there were about 140.000 Jews in Iraq; 60.000 in Yemen and Aden; 35.000 in Syria; 5.000 in Lebanon; 90.000 in Egypt; 60.000 in Libya; 150.000 in Algeria; 120.000 in Tunisia; and 300.000 in Morocco, including Tangiers. That comes to a total of about 960.000 — and more than 200.000 in Iran and Turkey. Roughly half of Israel’s 5 million Jews — from a population of 6.2 million, of whom roughly 20 percent are Arab, Druze, and Bedouin Israelis — is now composed of these refugees and their descendants, who received no humanitarian aid from the United Nations.

For 19 years Jordan occupied the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem, and Egypt occupied the Gaza strip. At no time during these occupations did ‘Palestinians’ or any other Arab group demand an additional Palestinian state or claim Jerusalem as their capital.

Arabs have left Israel with 22% of the land originally designated as the Jewish National Homeland.


I ask you, Condi, would you ask YOUR PEOPLE to move out of Harlem and give up their homes, land, merchants and cemetaries to YOUR sworn enemies?

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