Bush Proposes Sixfold Increase in Aid to Palestinian Authority

Oh goody. Now the barbarian pigs can purchase more guns, rockets, launchers, TNT, and ammunition from Syria. Thanks, George, you pandering Muslim-loving puppet. From Bush Proposes Sixfold Increase in Aid to Palestinian Authority:

President Bush has proposed a sixfold increase in aid to the Palestinians, including $150 million in direct cash transfers to the Palestinian Authority, in an effort to bolster the government in advance of a Middle East peace conference planned in Annapolis. The $435 million in additional aid, on top of $77 million requested earlier this year, would constitute the administration’s largest amount of direct aid to the PA.

State Department officials said the money is a signal that substantial aid will flow to leaders who reject terrorism. The aid request “supports a critical and immediate need to support a new Palestinian Authority (PA) government that both the U.S. and Israel view as a true ally for peace,” the State Department said Tuesday. The “funds would provide immediate, demonstrable improvements in the lives of Palestinians by supporting the PA’s efforts to extend the rule of law, achieve economic revival, improve governance, and avoid a fiscal crisis.” Congressional officials said the aid request has little chance of approval if the Annapolis conference does not show substantial results.

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