Bush presses Israel, and the “poor Palestinians “

Bush presses Israel, Palestinians

President Bush criticized both Israel and the Palestinians during a speech at the beginning of his state visit to Britain. In a wide-ranging address to defense and foreign-policy experts Wednesday at London’s Banqueting House, Bush said that while “the long-suffering Palestinian people deserve true leaders” who did not misuse funds or consort with terrorist groups, Israel had a responsibility to “stop humiliating” the Palestinians, put a freeze on settlement construction and dismantle illegal settlement outposts. He also called on Arab states to end anti-Israel incitement, cut off funding to terrorists and establish normal relations with the Jewish state. A day earlier, a senior official told reporters that the administration is discussing with Israel how to improve Palestinian living conditions.

Cute George. On the same day that America is dropping tons of bombs on Iraq, showing ultimate sensitivity, Bush calls upon Israel to conduct more acts of love and kindness to the poor “Palestinians”. A day after a “Palestinian” terrorist snuck up to a Israeli checkpoint, brutally murdering 2 Israeli soldiers, President Bush urges Israel to permit non-degrading freedom of movement for Arabs at Israeli checkpoints. Perhaps Bush is unaware of the fact that thousands of Arab terrorists seek to pass through roadblocks with bombs and guns to murder Jews. The roadblocks and checkpoints are there so that Israel could detect the bombs and the guns before they are smuggled into major Israeli cities.

If Israel would only expel the hostile Arab population they would not need to “degrade” the Arabs at checkpoints.

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