Bush In Saudi Amidst Calls for Assassination and Beheading

Islam, the religion of muck. Via Jedi Meditations:

So… apparently, President Bush will be in Saudi Arabia this weekend for an OPEC summit. And the barking fanaticals are going nuts with getting an ambush set up so they can assassinate and behead Bush. These fanatics are from some sort of jihadi internet forum, according to MEMRI.

This Saturday, Bush Will Be in Riyadh; Lions of the Peninsula, [Get Ready] to Cut Off His Head.” …

This Saturday [November 17, 2007], the Arabian Peninsula, home of the Prophet Muhammad, will be trodden upon by the Crusader dog, the foolish leader of the worldwide heresy and evil, [George] Bush. He will attend a summit, which will, to the best of my knowledge, be dedicated to world trade.

“Oh young [followers] of Muhammad! Hasten to assassinate this leader of heresy! [In reward], may Allah promote you to the highest spheres of Paradise. Oh brigades of martyrs, go forth with Allah’s blessing and lie in wait for this scoundrel everywhere, just as the Al-Qaeda fighters have been ambushing his soldiers in Iraq.”

I realize our Secret Service are some of the best people employed by our government..however.. the Suck Potential is more at issue here than any other time, I would imagine. A nightmare scenario just waiting to happen.I don’t know.. our guys are really good at what they do.. and stories like the incident in Chile back in 2004 are comforting.. someone had plans for Bush back then.. and they weren’t nice. I’ve got a bad feelin about this.Hat-Tip JawaReport.

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