Burned alive in honor killing

More than 6,000 “honor” killings are committed every year – in the West Bank, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, India and Pakistan. In Pakistan the custom is an accepted part of national culture. In Jordan, a man who has killed his wife in a state of rage is entitled to the judge’s clemency; the same law applies to a man who kills his wife simply because he suspects her of adultery. It is increasingly common for “disgraced” families to hire bounty hunters, so women who manage to escape to other countries are forced into hiding.

Yet, human rights groups condemn Israel. What a freakin’ joke.

Click here to read one woman’s story about her “palestinian” culture, her survival after her family attempts to “honor kill” her, pyromania and hatred to find all the ingredients for the stew-slop known as the “religion of peace”.

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