A Bulldozed Mosque the Liberals are Ignoring

More greatness from Steven Plaut:

The lib’ruh media have been having so much fun wringing their hands over make-pretend and retracted stories about evil Westerners mistreating Moslems and the Qoran that they have overlooked one fantastic story.It seems that Zimbabwe’s murderous moonbat dictator has destroyed a mosque. Yes, Mark Steyn, in the Washington Times, reports that in his campaign to bulldoze as many homes of Zimbabwe’s population as possible, Bobby Mugabe ordered that a mosque be destroyed, in Hatcliffe Extension, a shantytown on the edge of Harare. It was razed by the “police.” Mugabe also bulldozed a Catholic-run Aids center.Not a word from Newsweek. No Pakistani rioters trashing Westerners. No calls from the Baathist URUKNET to destroy the “Crusaders”. And only a matter of a hours before Counterpunch blames Dem Joos for the destroyed Zimbabwe Mosque. (We are waiting for Al Cockburn to take his whole crew to Zimbabwe to experience “obesity tourism”, enjoying the complete absence of nutrition in the country! They can use the time off down there to denounce capitalism.)

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