British Perfidy in 1948

Hat tip to Ocean Guy for a comprehensive account of British perfidy in 1948:

According to the editor of Emperor’s Clothes, in 1948 the Arab armies fought for genocide, not National Liberation, and it was not the Jews but Arab leaders who were agents of imperial Britain. It certainly suggests that their protégés are not fighting for National Liberation today.

The memorandum from the May 8, 1948 issue of The Nation contradicts widely held views about the origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict, including those put forward in today’s Nation magazine.

Just for starters, the memorandum proves the falsity of the common perception that the creation of Israel was a project of Western colonialism. The Nation shows that during the half year prior to the all-out Arab invasion on 15 May, Britain incited, micro-managed and did public relations work for a campaign of Arab troop infiltration and terror. And this at a time when Britain was responsible for security in its Palestine Mandate territory.

The intelligence documents cited below show that before the 15 May invasion, British intelligence knew that the Arabs terrorizing the future Israel were being led in part by Nazi advisers. These included Bosnian Muslims from the infamous Handzar Division of the Waffen SS. According to a French intelligence document published by The Nation seven months later, the British sent thousands of Nazi prisoners of war, including top war criminals, to assist the Arab attack.

Click on May 8, 1948 issue of The Nation and discover the roots of pernicious British hatred for anything Jewish.



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