British group cancels boycott of two Israeli universities

The British Association of University Teachers voted Thursday to overturn a controversial boycott of two Israeli universities which had provoked a backlash at universities around the world. Delegates voted to “revoke all existing boycotts of Israeli institutions.” Jon Pike, a senior philosophy lecturer at the Open University and founder of anti-boycott group Engage, said: “I am relieved that…the membership has mobilized and made clear its view that the boycott was an infringement of academic freedom and contributed nothing towards peaceful resolution of the conflict.”

The damage is aleady done, thanks to Sue Blackwell, the seawitch and Birmingham University lecturer who initiated the boycott.

Sue Blackwell, don’t be deceived into thinking you are noble when in effect you are aiding the enemies of civilization but one good thing has resulted in your Israel bashing; it has turned into the grinding stone upon which Jewish commitment and pride is sharpened.

And for that I thank you.