Boycott General Electric

On Wednesday, Dec 24, Smooth Stone linked to an article on the terrorist-fronted, pro-Muslim lobby, CAIR, and its assault on Paul Harvey, 84, an ABC radio personality whose “News and Comment” program appears on 1,600 radio stations.

Since then, General Electric sent out the following message to CAIR and promised them: “We have received your E-mail about the comments of Paul Harvey on December 4, 2003. GE certainly doesn’t endorse the comment and regrets any offense that it may have caused. While we look into the matter further, we have pulled GE’s advertisements from Mr. Harvey’s show.”

Smooth Stone’s opinion regarding General Electric’s cave-in to the radical Muslims is that all persons can e-mail or write to G.E. and register their complaint, as well. Boycotting is a two-way street.

As one reader of WorldNetDailly wrote, “Anyone truly familiar with the tenets of Islam can’t fault Paul Harvey’s truthful statement that resulted in G.E. pulling their advertising support of him. Besides, there are many more Paul Harvey listeners than there are CAIR members. And there are plenty of other choices in the marketplace for appliances and light bulbs.”

To protest GE’s decision, please call or write:

Gary Sheffer

General Manager, Public Affairs and Employee Communications

(203) 373-3476

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