Boycott CBS – Dan Rather peddles phony National Guard documents to smear President Bush

Folks, as you know, Smooth Stone is a pro-Israel information resource and a pro-Israel advocate. I’m neither qualified nor knowledgable enough to write about what’s going on with Dan Rather, CBS, and John Kerry, but I sure as heck am following this scandalous story and in the process, am learning a lot.

What I learned today is that this is not the first time that CBS has been engaged in smearing someone who defends our liberty and our freedoms. The CBS Reports documentary, The Uncounted Enemy: A Vietnam Deception, which aired on January 23, 1982, engendered one of the most bitter controversies in television history. The 90-minute program spawned a three-year ordeal for CBS, including disclosures by TV Guide that the report violated CBS News Standards; an internal investigation by Burton (Bud) Benjamin; and an unprecedented $120 million libel suit by retired U.S. Army General William C. Westmoreland.

Westmoreland sued producer George Crile III, correspondent Mike Wallace, and others for alleging that Westmoreland participated in a conspiracy to defraud the American public about progress in the Vietnam War. The suit was dropped, however, before reaching the jury, with CBS merely issuing a statement saying the network never meant to impugn the general’s patriotism and CBS subsequently lost its libel insurance.

Here are some articles regarding the 1982 scandal and CBS’s arrogance:

For information on what’s going in with “RatherGate” and other urgent and breaking news-related events, you can get terrific opinion editorials and factual corroboration from several excellent sites, including PowerLine, LaShawn Barber, Hog On Ice, and Roger Simon.

Folks, think how important it is to boycott CBS and stop CBS’s blatant partisanship. And you should also know that David Lettermen had John Kerry as his guest last nite, for almost the full hour, and – you guessed it – David Letterman works for CBS.

Boycott CBS – Dan Rather peddles phony National Guard documents to smear President Bush

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